Funny pictures quotes and sayings 2014

Yoda shares his wisdom Underwater girl This is why I love Ellen This game works every time The angle of depression Snoop really doesn’t care Sherlock’s clever way with words Photos taken around the world of some of the last forms of tribal life Not an easy show to explain New $100 bill, thanks Obama Natural Canadian flag Must post on Facebook Love is not blind Little girl nails geography test Like a fancy British woman Leather jacket magic It’s not that inappropriate I still have nothing to do+ I hope this never happens to you Hiding the eggs Headphones on mode Halloween used to be really scary Give a man a dollar, he’ll play pool forever… funny-Scrubs-job-candy-man funny-Pretty-Pink-Halloween-costume funny-girl-friendzone-message-text funny-Cob-Firefly-hat-scene funny-burger-Coke-pumpkin-carving funny-30-Rock-Tina-Fey-Sims Died text message Best Modern Family scene ever… A new tendency

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